Veer North

To The Capital

April 18-20, 2025


Ted Lizotte Headshot


Veer North 2025 Announced

Yes folks, we are planning yet another excellent fly-in in Ottawa. Mark your calendars for Easter weekend, April 18-20, 2025 because you are going to be dancing to two of the best callers around: Ted Lizotte and Patty Greene!

We are so thrilled to have them on our team and we can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful city once again!

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– the Veer North team


Want to know more about the two very talented callers who will be headlining Veer North 2025? You’ve come to the right place.

Patty Greene began calling in 1995 and joined CALLERLAB in 1996.  She calls club dances, party nights, and local and national conventions, and has been teaching class/workshops since 1996. She is a club caller for two local clubs, staff caller for Chic Recordings, and has recorded guest vocals on many other labels. She has served in positions of leadership since 1995 for many area and local committees and conventions. She is a member of the Metrolina Callers and Cuers Association, NC Callers Association, and the GCA, and currently is the caller programmer for the NC State Convention.  She regularly attends CALLERLAB conventions, has served on many panels and participated in many special convention theme dances. She has served on the EC and BOG of CALLERLAB, and was Chairman from 2017-2019.


She believes strongly in the retention, teaching and entertaining of our dancers, and the education and leadership development of callers. She has presented on many panels and provided talks on many topics surrounding Caller Education. She has staffed the first Women In Calling Institute, the GSI Caller’s School, and a GCA Callers School.


Patty lives in Monroe, NC with her husband Steve and their two ginger kitties: Sweet Potato and Creamsicle.

Ted lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Shelly, and have been calling square dances for over 30 years.

He is a member of CALLERLAB – International Association of Square Dance Callers – and has been since 1991.  He is on CALLERLAB’s Board of Governors serving in the role of Vice Chairman. Also, I’m also a member of the GCA (Gay Callers Association) to support all those that support this great activity.

Additionally, he am also a CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach.  This designation is currently only held by less than 40 callers in the world.  As it says on the website “To be accredited, an applicant must demonstrate experience and pass rigorous written and oral testing. This program assures that accredited Coaches have both the knowledge and the experience to help you learn to call or to call better.”

Lastly, he is the owner/producer of ‘Throw Back Tunes’, a square dance music label. If you’re looking for some square dance music, please take the time to check us out!


Veer North to the Capital would like to thank our sponsors and benefactors.